Flat Drip Pipe (UNILITE Tape)

Water is one of the most essential elements that support life on earth. However, if not managed properly, this invaluable resource could deplete at a very fast rate.

That is why UNIVERSAL irrigation systems company takes up the initiative of bringing a various range of effective and innovative irrigation systems to the farming, landscaping and water supply.

Flat integral drip-line for drip irrigation systems with flat-shaped emitters fused to the inner tube wall. UNILITE is clog
resistant due to the unique flow path structure design. UNILITE drip line tape grants an easy layout and retrieval.
UNILITE has low CV, ≤ 5%. UNILITE is manufactured in a wide range of different wall thicknesses. UNILITE is manufactured
from durable materials resistant to fertilizers commonly used in irrigation. Flow rates for wall thickness of 8 mil 1.75, 2.4 & 3.1 lph
at 0.8 bar. Flow rates vary according to wall thickness and inlet pressures.


Cost effective solution for all kinds of field crops, vegetables, greenhouses, nurseries and fruit orchards. UNILITE can be
used for surface and subsurface irrigation systems.

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