Round Pipe (GR) Perforating Unit

The GR Servo Perpetrator can be easily installed on any existing line without making any changes.It has its own line speed encoder making it an autonomous machine. Spacing measurement. Hole position can be adjusted via the touchscreen. The depth of the hole can also be adjusted during operation.
Technical Specifications:
• Drill speed: 500 dripper/min. 32-70 mm length of drippers.
• Minimum Spacing: 15 cm.
• Pipe Speed: up to 100 m/min.
• Alarm and Coil stopper in case of drips missing.
• 4 Drills each dripper.
• Dimensions: L: 770 mm, W:850 mm, H: 2300 mm.
• Control,7-inch touchscreen.
• Control Display: Friendly, Two-language (English & Italy) screen unit and with capability to add any rewired language.
• 2 Servo drivers + 2 Servo Motor.
• Air pressure Requirement: 2 to 3 Bar.
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