PE Pipe Extrusion Machine

• Autoloader.
• Designed output capacity: up to 300 kg/h
• Center height: 1050 ± 50 mm.
• Power supply: 380 V/3 phases/50 Hz.
• Material to be used: HDPE granules
• Screw material: 38CrMoAlA forge piece; nitrogen treatment, (HV) 9501100, brittleness: I level, nitrogen layer thickness: 0.4-0.5
mm; inner wall surface roughness: ≤ 0.8 um.
• Screw diameter: 60 mm.
• L/D: 36:1.
• Barrel material: 38CrMoAlA forge piece; nitrogen treatment, (HV)9501100, brittleness: I level, nitride layer thickness: 0.4-0.5 mm,
inner wall surface roughness: ≤ 1.6 um.
• Heating ring is cast aluminum heating rings, with stainless steel cover outside.
• Barrel heating zone: four zones; temperature control range: 50~300℃
• Barrel cooling zone: cooling by fans.
• Siemens AC deferential motor 75 – 90 KW.
• Motor Driven by ABB Inverter.
• Control System: PLC HMI B&R (Austria).
• Control Panel: 7″ Display (Delta HMI).
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