Flat Pipe Perforating Unit

• Drill speed: up to 1200 drippers/minute.
• Minimum distance between drippers: 10 cm.
• Alarm with wrong spacing.
• Has two servos motors for punching one after one
• Easy to adjust by touch screen.
• Electronic drill adjustment for pipe length.
• Dripper distance statistics and updated distance display.
• Faulty tolerance distance alert; dripper shortage alert.
• Synchronized pulse output to quality control camera; camera indication of drill quality.
• Coil stopper exit option.
• Alarm sound option.
• Optional group drilling.
• Two dripper recognition sensors: mechanic for wide-edged pipes, laser for narrow-edged pipes.
• Friendly, localized user interface and unit control.

Inspector smart camera

• Alarm with missing and wrong punching position.
• Automatic control by feeding-back to re-adjust the hole position.

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