Fertigation Systems

Features & Advantages
Fertigation offers several advantages in comparison to conventional application methods.
• Soil compaction is avoided because heavy equipment never enters the field.
• The crop is not damaged by root pruning, breakage of leaves, or bending over, as occurs with conventional fertilization
or chemical field application techniques.
• Less equipment may be required to apply the fertilizers or chemical.
• Less energy is expended in applying the fertilizers or chemical.
• Usually less labor is needed to supervise the application.
• The supply of nutrients can be more carefully regulated and monitored.
• The nutrients can be distributed more evenly throughout the entire root zone or soil profile.
• The nutrients can be supplied incrementally throughout the season to meet the actual nutritional requirements of the crop.
• Nutrients can be applied to the soil when crop or soil conditions would otherwise prohibit entry into the field.
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